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体育投注开户Social impact is more than just a grant. It is a chance for everyone to learn and share different ideas about creating real change in our world. That's why we bring all that we have to give--software, people, partners--to the table, and scale successful projects far and wide.

体育投注开户In this video, our nonprofit partners describe how data and the support of the Tableau Foundation have transformed their work and their impact.

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Our areas of focus

Climate Action

体育投注开户Understanding our changing planet and advocating for a sustainable future

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体育投注开户Championing rights, protections and opportunities for marginalized people everywhere

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Global Health

Taking on health inequities with data and investing in digital health systems globally

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体育投注开户Ensuring people everywhere have the means to live a dignified life and a place to call home

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Featured Projects


体育投注开户 Using data analytics to wipe out infectious disease and improve health outcomes worldwide.

Community Solutions

Using real-time data, Community Solutions works to end homelessness and the conditions that create it.

Headwaters Economics

体育投注开户 Building the data-driven case for protecting public lands and taking action to protect vulnerable populations from climate change.

Equal Measures 2030

Using data to illustrate the gender equity gap—and advocate for closing it.

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体育投注开户The Tableau Foundation team sees itself as stewards of the company’s efforts to help people everywhere see, understand, and do great things with data.

Our Living Annual Report shows the work we’ve done so far and shares what we’ve learned along the way. As the work grows and changes, this report will change with it.

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Employees & Communities

体育投注开户 Our Foundation is backed by the spirited employees and partners of Tableau.

体育投注开户 We are passionate about helping people drive change through action.

体育投注开户 And we care deeply about the communities we live and work in.

Employee ProgramsCOVID-19 Community Response Fund

Helping every non-profit do great things with data

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Service Corps volunteers ready to help

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